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A foggy day on the Rhine

We woke up to fog this morning. We hoped it would burn off before we headed up to this area on top of the hill where there are hiking trails through a forest. No such luck but we made the best of it. First was a gondola ride up, I’m a tad afraid of heights, but this wasn’t too bad.
It actually got foggier up on top of the mountain. There is a monument to honor the reunification of Germany in 1881.
Walking through the forest in the fog was really cool.
Teresa had to stop and look at the rocks.
We were walking through some vineyards when we came across a box where you could buy wine. Naturally, we had brought our own.
Oh yeah we didn’t have any glasses so we went old school.
After an hour, we got to the lift that would take us down to another city where we would catch a ferry back to Rüdesheim. We get there to discover they are not gondolas but ski lifts. Did I mention I am afraid of heights.
We were the talk of the ski lift. After hiking an hour, we had gotten hot so we were down to our short sleeve shirts. Everyone passing us on the way up were all bundled up. Eventhough they were all speaking German, we could understand that they were asking us if we were cold.
We got to the next town, Assmannshausen, to find only one restaurant open for lunch. Luckily it was very tasty. Teresa got her last schnitzel in German and I got a venison stew.
We spent the rest of the afternoon at Weingut Carl Ehrhard and had a great tour, wine tasting and chat with Carl. The winery was founded in 1884 by Carl’s something great grandfather and Carl is trying to rediscover “old school” wine making. He has quit making wine in stainless steel and only uses neutral oak and amphora to make his wines. The wines are stellar. We tried many rieslings from different vineyards. It’s so fascinating how vineyards can be so close but make such distinctive wines. He even opened up a Riesling from 1990 for us to try, it still tasted great.
As we end our trip to Germany, we have met a lot of really great people, had a lot of amazing food and drank a lot of amazing wines. Thanks for letting us share it with you.

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We made it over the Rhine

We woke to a beautiful sunrise. Our room didn’t face east so we took a walk before breakfast.
We packed up and drove to our final destination in Germany, Rüdesheim am Rhine. The cool part was we had to take a ferry to get there. So we literally went “Over the Rhine”.
We checked into our hotel and unfortunately it didn’t have a refrigerator in the room. Necessity is the mother of invention so we improvised, it is a little cold here.
It was off to explore the town, it’s a cute city, although a little touristy, but it’s off season so not too crowded. There are grape vines everywhere, some for wine and some for decorations. Oh, and a lot of places to get a glass.
More on the gondolas tomorrow when we ride them up to the top of the mountain. We stopped at this great place called RheinWeinWelt. The have 160 wines from around the region that you can try. You buy coins and pick whichever wine you want from a machine. You get a little less than an ounce. It was a great way to taste a lot of different wines.
It was off to dinner at a great spot. The food was very tasty and as a bonus they had a live band playing.
Off to our hotel for a night cap and to rest up for a big final day in Germany.

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Our first winery visit

After 5 hours in the car yesterday, we decided to start the day with a 5 mike walk. We walked across the Mosel River thru the town of Lieser and along a path next to the river. We got very close to some of the many vineyards in the area and wow are they steep.
We headed back to town to look for someplace for lunch and the first building we come to is a winery tasting room so of course we had to stop in. The wines were very good.
On the suggestion of the man at the winery, we had lunch at the castle in Lieser. It was built in the mid 1800s and it’s now a hotel. Lunch was delicious and we had this adorable room to ourselves.
After lunch, we headed to Weingut Max Ferd Richter. The first vineyards were bought in 1643 and the current winery was built in 1880. Our host, Dr. Dirk, is the ninth generation to run the winery and was very knowledgeable about the wine and the history of the region. We learned a lot. His son, Constantin, stopped by to say hi but had to go take care of the harvest. The wines were delicious and gave us a whole new appreciation for German wines.
Back to our hotel for dinner, it was the only place that had a free table. I got a venison ragout that was good but Teresa’s lamb dish was phenomenal. Early to bed then on to Rüdesheim.

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Long travel day

We headed to the wine region of Mosel today. It was our longest drive of the trip and of course construction is a world wide phenomenon. What should have taken us a little over 4 hours to drive ended up taking a little over 5 but we are here and it's beautiful. The second picture is from the hotel restaurant and the third one are two swans.
We walked around town to find everything closed on Monday so we had dinner at the hotel. The food was delicious but not German cuisine so we had a change of pace with of all things, Italian food. With the food choices being non German, we decided to get a local wine which was also a grape we hadn’t heard of. It was dunklefelder and it was amazing. Teresa had chicken piccata and I had osso buco. Both were very tasty. They had cannoli on the menu so I had to try them. It was not traditional but it still was really good. More exploring tomorrow.

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Sucky weather

So our luck ran out on the weather, we woke up to 40 degrees and rain. We actually had to wear pants instead of shorts. Oh the horror! We did go for a nice drive exploring the countryside. First, we stopped at a restaurant that was recommended by our host to make reservations for dinner. Then, we found a cute little spot for lunch. Don’t ask us what we ordered, we just winged it. It was very tasty.
The sun came out for a short period of time before we had to leave for dinner so we were able to walk around the small town of Hürbel and the grounds of our castle.
Dinner was amazing. We got duck and lamb, both were equally good.
I will leave you with some more pictures of this cute apartment that we rented.
Here is the best picture, it’s the transition from the bedroom to the bathroom. They definitely didn’t include that in the pictures on VRBO. Mind the gap!

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