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A foggy day on the Rhine 20.10.2023
We made it over the Rhine 19.10.2023
Our first winery visit 18.10.2023
Long travel day 17.10.2023
Sucky weather 15.10.2023
A day at the castle 15.10.2023
Heading out to the countryside 14.10.2023
The hills are alive 13.10.2023
Fun day in Salzburg 12.10.2023
We made it to Salzburg 11.10.2023
Rainy Day in Bamberg 10.10.2023
On to Bamberg 08.10.2023
Exploring Bielefeld 08.10.2023
The Pied Piper of Hameln 06.10.2023
Day One Bielefeld 06.10.2023
Finally made it to Germany 05.10.2023
And we’re off 03.10.2023
Our new adventure starts soon 24.09.2023